Support Us

The Loudoun Archaeological Foundation, Inc., as a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt, non-profit group, must rely on a combination of gifts, grants, and donations of money and in-kind goods and services to fund its programs of archaeological research (i. e. investigation, analysis, and reporting) and “whole community” archaeological public education and preservation/conservation. The minimum annual budget required to conduct even a basic program effort is approximately $5,000 just to cover standard fixed operating costs such as insurance (directors, liability, and auto) state and local registration fees, vehicle license and taxes, etc. An additional $10,000 to $15,000 is needed annually to purchase field, laboratory and office equipment as well as related operational costs (i. e. archaeological field supplies, field- worker lunches, gasoline and vehicle repairs, etc.) to conduct our actual archaeological investigation and educational program activities. All professional staff and support services are donated by highly-qualified volunteers at no cost to the Foundation.

As another element of the Foundation’s educational program, we look forward to developing sufficient financial resources ($5,000 to $10,000 annually) to allow the Foundation to fund a continuing undergraduate and graduate level college scholarship program in the historic preservation fields for worthy candidates.

The first two years of our program efforts (2007 and 2008) were funded through a grant of $37,500 from the Virginia General Assembly, approximately $6,000 gifts in cash, and nearly $33,000 in donations of in-kind goods and services which qualified as matching contributions for receipt of our Virginia state grant. In addition to the donations of a variety of valuable field, laboratory, and office archaeological equipment mentioned above, the Foundation was able to use our grant funds to purchase a quality lap-top computer and projector needed for our developing educational program, two metal detectors, a good, used pickup truck, portable display tables, and a number of other items needed to support the Foundation’s archaeological investigation and educational program activities.

There are many ways that the public can support the Loudoun Archaeological Foundation. Obviously, financial support is our most urgent need as we continue our archaeological public education program and other programs for the preservation and conservation of the cultural and natural resources of Loudoun County. Information on the Foundation’s fund-raising opportunities can be found below.

You also may donate needed goods and services to the Foundation. The Foundation accepts donations that could be used for auction to support the Foundation’s programs. If you wish to make a donation for auction by the Foundation or to discuss other appropriate donations of goods and services, contact the Foundation by email at: To review items the Foundation has available for auction and to offer a bid, please go to the web page section on The Loudoun Archaeological Foundation’s Great Little Auction.

Because the Loudoun Archaeological Foundation is geared towards a “whole community” approach to archaeological public education and preservation/conservation of the cultural and natural resources of Loudoun County, it will primarily rely upon volunteers, under the direct supervision of professional archaeologists, to carryout its various programs. Currently, the Foundation has a base of over one-hundred dedicated and trained volunteers.

To see the types of programs the Foundation will be conducting, please visit our blog to see past and upcoming events and opportunities, and our Press Center. Persons interested in participating at archaeological digs conducted by the Foundation should register for appropriate training at a Foundation-sponsored training program. Opportunities for training and participation on archaeological digs will be announced on one or more of the web pages noted in this paragraph and in local newspapers.