About Us

Dr. David Clark

Dr. David T. Clark founded The Loudoun Archaeological Foundation, Inc. in January, 2007 as a nonprofit organization under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Dr. Clark, a resident of Loudoun County, has been a professional archaeologist for more than thirty-five years and teaches at both The Catholic University of America and the Loudoun Campus of the Northern Virginia Community College. He also serves as the Head of the Catholic University Zooarchaeological Laboratory, and is a Board member for The Historic Preservation Program at the NVCC Loudoun Campus, Banshee Reeks Nature Preserve, and Thunderbird Archaeological Foundation.

The occasion of the year 2007 as the 250th Anniversary of the establishment of Loudoun County gave particular impetus for the creation of the Foundation at that time.

Dr. Clark has participated at many archaeological research projects in the United States and abroad. He has conducted numerous archaeological projects in the DC/Virginia Metro area. Some of the more significant of his regional projects include: the Meadowcroft Rock Shelter (an early prehistoric site in Southwestern Pennsylvania), Dissertation research at Pyramid Lake, Nevada, and the Archaeological/Public Education Project on Maui, Hawaii.

The recovery of human remains from air crashes during the World War II and the Vietnam War also has been a focus of Dr. Clark's archaeological career. In 1993-1994, he assisted the U. S. Department of Defense, Central Identification Laboratory, Hickam Air Force Base on recovery efforts of missing-in-action association with air crashes from those wars. The summer of 1993 focused on the excavation and recovery of the aircrew remains from a B-17F missing since 1943 in Papua New Guinea.

More recently, Dr. Clark was involved in an underwater archaeological investigation of the Queen Anne's Revenge, a ship captained by the infamous Edward Teach (more widely known as Blackbeard the Pirate), which was sunk at Beaufort Inlet, near Charleston, South Carolina in late May of 1716. Dr. Clark was responsible for the analysis of animal remains found in that shipwreck so as to gather information on the foodways of that pirate crew.

Contact Dr. Clark by email at dtclark@loudounarchaeology.org.