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Loudoun Archaeological Foundation and Dominion Foundation 2009 Graduate Study Stipend

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News Release

July 6, 2009

Ashburn’s Katy Catlin Receives Loudoun Archaeological Foundation/Dominion Foundation 2009 Graduate Study Stipend

Dr. David T. Clark, Executive Director of the Loudoun Archaeological Foundation, Inc., (LAF) today announced that Kathryn “Katy” Catlin of Ashburn, Virginia has been awarded the LAF’s first ever graduate study stipend in the amount of $1,000 to aid her in pursuing graduate level work in the fields of anthropology/archaeology. This award was made possible through the generous support of the Dominion Foundation of Richmond, Virginia, which also has provided funding support for the historic preservation activities of the LAF in 2009.

Ms. Catlin has been an active volunteer with the Loudoun Archaeological Foundation since its founding in 2007 and recently completed the Historic Preservation Certificate Program at the Loudoun Campus of the Northern Virginia Community College. Katie will be attending the University of Massachusetts at Boston, Massachusetts this coming fall; this summer, she is participating in the University of Massachusetts’ archaeological study program in Iceland.

The Loudoun Archaeological Foundation is a non-profit, charitable foundation which promotes the protection, conservation and preservation of Loudoun County’s historic and cultural resources through the use of ethical and professional archaeological research, documentation, reporting, and public education activities.

For additional information please contact:  Dr. David T. Clark at 703-431-1737

 Or Joy Stanton at

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